UT35 Dawnrider
Live 19.3.2010: Doom Over Invicta
With members who forged their careers through various bands and styles, Dawnrider quickly became one of Portugal’s leading bands in the heavy/doom scenario. After two successful studio albums and other releases, this is their first live recording, raw and powerful, the way it is meant to be. Included in the booklet, you can find a track-by-track guide, written by vocalist F.J. Dias.
As a bonus, you get the tracks from the vinyl-only split with War Injun, plus an alternate demo version of the song in the Apostle of Solitude/Dawnrider split 12”.
Jewel-case CD, co-release with Raging Planet.

CD 10€
Europe post-paid 12.50€: Paypal.
World post-paid 14€: Paypal.