Buio Mondo


UT43 Buio Mondo – Un Omaggio A Riz Ortolani
Avid channeler of vintage italian thriller/horror soundtracks, with this new release Buio Mondo pays homage to Riz Ortolani, one of the main names in the craft, by covering a track from one of his most known works: Cannibal Holocaust.
Famous for its graphic imagery, the film would also get to be known for its intricate sometimes gentle, sometimes dissonant soundtrack, setting the final work apart from all the others in the genre.
Side A includes a cover of «Massacre Of The Troupe», one of the most recognisable tracks from the OST, while side B has «La Stanza Degli Orologi», an original in collaboration with Miguel A. Ruiz, a synth & drums composition in the line of Fabio Frizzi.

*Release date: July 16th*
7″ vinyl record in full color sleeve, includes one vinyl sticker, limited to 300x.
Price: 7€
Europe post-paid: Paypal.
Rest of the world post-paid: Paypal.