updated 11NOVEMBER2021
prices do not include postage

ZINE Soleil Tryste #3 5€ (english written w/ Cruciamentum, Vulturine, Anguish, The Nihilistic Front… pro-printed, 72 pages)
BOOK Caminhando Com Samuel by Tommi Musturi 20€ (wordless comic book, hardcover)
BOOK Simplesmente Samuel by Tommi Musturi 20€ (wordless comic book, hardcover)
BOOK Espero Chegar Em Breve by Nunsky 10€ (comic book adaptation of the Philip K. Dick story “I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon”, black & white, in portuguese, textured cover)

7″ Sturmtiger – Atomic Hammer 6€ (black metal)

TAPE Ancient Funeral Cult / Desperation / Medieval Art – Death’s Embrace 5€ (pro-tape, black metal)
TAPE Buio Mondo – Bloom 6€ (BM’s new album, chrome tape, bandcamp)
TAPE Strange Facts In The Scalpel Case – Dead But Not Beyond Reach 4€ (death metal)
TAPE VENENO – Gnihton Ot Syek 5€ (experimental black metal, pro-tape)

DVD V/A – Chronicles Of Doom 10€ (live doom compilation, recorded in Holland, +2h w/ Reverend Bizarre, Ataraxie, The Gates Of Slumber, Centurions Ghost…)

CD Aasgard – Ravens Hymns Foreshadows The End 7€ (black metal)
CD AK11 / Aasgard – Unto Heretic Flames 8€ (black metal)
CD Anal Vomit – Gathering of the Putrid Demons 9€ (black/death)
CD Austrasian Goat, The – Principles Of Disillussion 9€ (2CD in digisleeve, doom/experimental)
CD Black Angel / Beelzebul – Satanist Rites 9€ (black metal)
CD Bloody Lair – Total Mayhem 9€ (black metal)
CD Blooming Látigo – Esfínteres y Faquires 9€ (sludge-experimental-noise with members of Orthodox and Mademoiselle)
CD Borgia / Ysengrin – Ars Magna Moriendi 9€ (black/death)
CD Bunkur – Nullify 10€ (extreme doom)
CD Caïna – Will Over Worlds (Demos, Miscellany & Juvenilia 2004-2007) 8€
CD Carma – Carma 8€ (doom metal)
CD Danishmendt – Un Passé Aride 9€ (alternative/doom/black; digipak)
CD De Vermis – Black Wolf Pride 8€ (black metal)
CD Decayed – The Ancient Brethen 9€ (new album)
CD Decayed – Unholy Demon Seed 9€ (mexican compilation w/ exclusive track, inc. sticker)
CD Draugurinn – Dauðadá 9€ (ritualistic dark ambient)
CD Draugurinn – Myrkraverk 9€ (shamanic and ritualistic music from Sweden)
CD Dream Death – Pittsburgh Sludge Metal 10€ (doom/death pioneers; digipak)
CD Equimanthorn -Exalted are the 7 throne bearers 9€
CD Fistula – Goat 7€
CD Frost Legion – Death Of Mankind 8€ (black metal)
CD Ghast – May The Curse Bind 9€
CD Graveyard – One With The Dead 9€ (death metal)
CD Hateful Abandon – Famine (or Into the Bellies of Worms) 9€
CD Havohej – Kembatinan Premaster 10€ (black metal)
CD Heavydeath – Dark Phoenix Rising 8€ (bandcamp)
CD Hebosagil – Colossal 9€ (sludge/doom)
CD HellLight – Funeral Doom 10€ (funeral doom/death)
CD Intersigno – Darkspace 8€ (Darkspace I+II Eps on one CD, synthwave)
CD Ives / Amort – split 9€ (crust BM vs drone doom)
CD Kazän – Kazän EP 8€ (savage rock n’ roll)
CD Kosmodrom – The War Of The Worlds 8€ (psychadelic space noise, digifile, bandcamp)
CD Last Twilight, The – Eternal Tribulation 7€ (mcd; black/death metal)
CD Lotus Circle – Caves 9€ (doom/drone; digipak)
CD Meads of Asphodel, The & Old Corpse Road – Split 9€
CD Mentat – Amarillo Abisal 9€ (sludge/doom)
CD Nekrasov – Cognition of Splendid Oblivion 9€ (black metal/ambient/noise; digisleeve)
CD Nekrasov – Extinction 9€ (black/noise; digipak)
CD Obskure Torture – Spilling The Blood of the World 8€ (raw funeral doom/death)
CD Obskure Torture – Nythra Death King 8€ (dark ambient/noise)
CD Palace of Worms – The Forgotten 10€ (black metal)
CD Prayer Of The Dying – In Silence And Grief We Decay 7€ (black/death metal)
CD Pyrifleyethon / Ophidian Forest – Summoning of the Igneous 9€ (black metal)
CD Redrighthand – They Sang and Chanted for Hours… 9€ (sludge/doom)
CD Sacred Reich – Independent 9€
CD Sepulchral Aura – Demonstrational CD MMVII 7€ (death/black metal)
CD Sink – The Process 9€ (drone/ambient; cardboard package)
CD True Endless, The – Suicide Journey 9€ (black metal)
CD True Endless, The – An Year In Black 9€ (black metal)
CD Turdus Merula – Herbarium 9€ (black metal)
CD Undersave – Now… Submit Your Flesh To The Master’s Imagination 8€ (death metal)
CD Veér – The Measure of Waste 9€ (black metal)
CD Vranorod – Vranorod 9€ (post-BM, shoegaze)
CD V/A – Four Wings Of Blasphemy And Abomination 9€ (4-way split cd com Pseudogod, Teitanfyre, Gehangter Jude & Ill Omened)
CD V/A – Tenebrious Triumvirate 9€ (3-way black metal split w/ Thy Kingdom Ablaze, Pestilentia & Rite Of Darkness; A5 packaging)
CD Whiplash -Messages in blood 9€
CD Winter Deluge – Devolution-Decay 8€ (black metal)
CD Zelfhaat – Van Jammerklacht en Wanhoopsgeschrei 9€ (suicidal BM)